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Bank Millenium

Millennium, being a significant participant in the banking market and a member of the SGH Partners Club, clearly emphasizes the role of chess in its business activities. Participation in the SGH Chess Business League not only emphasizes the bank's strategic approach to business and the importance of analytical thinking, but also reflects its commitment to developing cross-sectoral relations and supporting intellectual culture. By joining this initiative, Bank Millennium demonstrates how chess, symbolizing a well-thought-out strategy and anticipating competitors' moves, is an integral part of its business philosophy and corporate culture.

Contintental Opony Polska

Continental is a company with over 150 years of heritage as a leader in tire manufacturing and vehicle technology. Their tires are a true mark of quality, winning accolades both on race tracks and on everyday roads. They are also pioneers in braking systems, instrumentation, chassis systems, automotive electronics and entertainment. Every third passenger car leaving a factory in Europe is equipped with Continental tires. They attach great importance to a sustainable future. Every Continental product is a step towards cleaner, safer and smarter mobility.

Doctoral students of the Warsaw School of Economics

The SGH Doctoral School is a place for educating young scientists. It prepares them to conduct research necessary to write scientific papers, and provides the latest global knowledge from selected areas of social sciences and research methodology in the field of learning outcomes for qualifications at level 8 of the Polish Qualifications Framework.


EY is a company with over 300,000 employees, offering comprehensive support in the dynamic world of business. They help fight data piracy, manage financial crises and conduct audits. Their activities include cooperation with entrepreneurs, companies and governments of various countries, solving their key challenges. Thanks to integrated business lines such as audit, business, tax and transaction consulting, and deep industry knowledge, they support clients in exploiting market opportunities and effectively managing risks for sustainable economic growth. EY's multidisciplinary approach includes meeting regulatory requirements, informing investors and responding to stakeholder needs.

Fast Track

A startup developing an application that solves the problem of long queues to food trucks during mass events.


Flatly is a company specializing in comprehensive real estate management and providing investment and interior design services. The Flatly team is flexible and always adapts to the individual needs of clients, offering both full rental management packages and individual services, such as apartment refurbishment or interior design. Their proven team undertakes tasks with full responsibility, guaranteeing professionalism and effectiveness. Flatly is ready to meet the expectations of every client, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs, regardless of whether they are investments, renovations or real estate transactions.


A global leader in market research, Ipsos delivers trusted information and a true understanding of society, markets and people.

JP Weber

JP Weber has been supporting companies in their transactions and everyday business challenges for over 20 years. The JP Weber team are experts in their fields who believe that only an independent consulting company, free from any conflicts of interest, which approaches its clients' challenges comprehensively, pragmatically and with flexibility is able to stand out on the consulting services market.

Japan Tobacco International

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) is a global leader in the tobacco industry, founded in 1999. The company is headquartered in Geneva and operates in over 130 countries. JTI specializes in the production of a variety of tobacco products, offering both mass brands and exclusive products. It invests significantly in research and development, focusing on innovation, including alternative tobacco products. JTI strives to create innovative solutions, both in the field of traditional cigarettes and smoke-free products or electronic cigarettes. In 2022, the Business Center Club awarded the company a diamond for the Golden Statuette of the Polish Business Leader. This distinction is awarded to companies that achieve and maintain the best business results and those that are particularly involved in the economic development of the country. The jury also recognized the highest employer standards and social commitment of JTI.

Konfederacja Lewiatan

The most influential Polish business organization, representing the interests of employers in Poland and the European Union.

Striving for competitive business conditions. It cares for sustainable economic growth, better law, healthy competition, employment growth and strengthening of social capital.


Microsoft is a global technology leader, founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company is known for its comprehensive portfolio, including the Windows operating system, the Office productivity suite, the Azure cloud platform and advanced artificial intelligence solutions. Microsoft plays a key role in digital transformation, providing innovative tools to people and businesses around the world. Commitment to technology development, sustainable development and social responsibility make Microsoft not only an industry tycoon, but also a leader influencing the shaping of the future.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education and Science manages state policy in the field of education, science and higher education. Responsible for the development of kindergartens, primary schools, special schools, schools abroad, universities, research and scientific institutes. It creates educational and scientific programs, striving for a modern school, developing future competences and ensuring equal access to high-quality education. It supports the innovative development of Polish science, promotes cooperation with the economy and provides support for scientists in achieving scientific excellence and conducting innovative research.

Ministry of Family and Social Policy

The Ministry focuses on comprehensive support for families, initiating parental leaves, developing nursery infrastructure, and implementing various social programs. In addition, it cares for the growing population of seniors, providing support for care services and striving for decent pensions, especially for the poorest retirees. The Ministry is also involved in helping people with disabilities, promotes the development of the social economy, and actively participates in building social dialogue. In the area of work, he focuses on issues related to law and the labor market, such as employment, counteracting unemployment, minimum wage, employee rights, and regulations regarding employment conditions.

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance (MF) is the office responsible for the state budget, public finances and financial institutions. It deals with the development, execution and control of the implementation of the state budget, financing of local government, state security and public debt management. He is responsible for budget revenues and expenses, foreign cooperation, customs regulations and the functioning of the financial market, including banks and insurance companies.

Polish Development Fund

The Polish Development Fund (PFR) is a state financial group whose aim is to support investments and economic development in Poland. PFR offers financial tools to support enterprises, local governments and private individuals. These activities are aimed at developing infrastructure, innovation, exports, as well as supporting the labor market. PFR also works to increase Poland's investment attractiveness. The fund is responsible for the implementation of various economic and investment programs aimed at stimulating the development of the national economy.

Polish army

The Polish Army is the national armed force responsible for the defense of the country and its national interests. It is an integrated structure consisting of various types of armed forces that cooperate to ensure effective defense of the country. The main tasks of the Polish Army include territorial defense, participation in international peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, as well as supporting national security.

SGH Entrepreneurs' Club

The Entrepreneurs' Club is a platform bringing together entrepreneurs associated with SGH, which offers space for joint integration and facilitates establishing contacts between business and the university. Club members create a common networking network in various industries and environments, and promote the achievements of entrepreneurs associated with SGH. They also work to disseminate the principles of business ethics and the ethos of entrepreneurship, and implement initiatives that increase the prestige of the business community.


Samsung is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic devices such as TVs, smartphones, tablets and household appliances. The company is guided by a simple business philosophy: to use the capabilities of its employees and technology to create the highest quality products and services that will bring positive changes to global society. 


Scanye is an innovative startup that was launched in 2014 to improve accounting processes by using OCR technology to recognize and read data from documents. This company revolutionized the way invoices and receipts are processed, offering tools to automate the work of accountants and entrepreneurs. Scanye has developed by combining a passion for efficiency with market needs, which has resulted in a growing number of customers and recognition in the industry.


Currently, Sharp supports its clients' activities in the field of document management, scanning processes, archiving and document circulation, as well as Managed Content Services and IT process integration. Sharp is a manufacturer of printing equipment for office environments and printing - multifunctional devices and digital production systems. The company also operates in the areas of Visual Solutions, solar panels and LED lighting systems.


SmartyMeet, founded in 2022, is a technology company focused on the development of communication and collaboration tools. Their main product is AI Assistant, which combines machine learning, sales, HR and psychometrics. They also offer video conferencing and speech-to-text solutions. The company emphasizes innovation, excellence, ethical behavior and customer focus. The founders are Slawomir Kroczak, Monika Wyszynska and Rafal Fic, and the headquarters is in Warsaw.

Ukrainian Business Community

Community of entrepreneurs from Ukraine developing business projects in Poland.

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