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Bank Millenium

Bank Millenium

Millennium, being a significant participant in the banking market and a member of the SGH Partners Club, clearly emphasizes the role of chess in its business activities. Participation in the SGH Chess Business League not only emphasizes the bank's strategic approach to business and the importance of analytical thinking, but also reflects its commitment to developing cross-sectoral relations and supporting intellectual culture. By joining this initiative, Bank Millennium demonstrates how chess, symbolizing a well-thought-out strategy and anticipating competitors' moves, is an integral part of its business philosophy and corporate culture.


  • Bartosz Warszawski

  • Marcin Pieczonka

  • Jarosław Babula

  • Michał Biernacki

  • Mateusz Figura

  • Adrian Skowroński

  • Grzegorz Kozłowski

  • Karol Widła


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