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SGH Entrepreneurs' Club

SGH Entrepreneurs' Club

The Entrepreneurs' Club is a platform bringing together entrepreneurs associated with SGH, which offers space for joint integration and facilitates establishing contacts between business and the university. Club members create a common networking network in various industries and environments, and promote the achievements of entrepreneurs associated with SGH. They also work to disseminate the principles of business ethics and the ethos of entrepreneurship, and implement initiatives that increase the prestige of the business community.


  • Jan Szafran, student of the Warsaw School of Economics, actively involved in the Warsaw Consulting Club and Investor's Club as a Member of the Management Board.

  • Dawid Stopa, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, a Business Consultant at ConQuest Consulting. I am a licensed stockbroker and I am working towards becoming a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA).

  • Józefiak Wiktor, a student of the Warsaw School of Economics, who contributes to expanding economic knowledge in society through active work at the Institute of Economic Education. Ludwig von Mises as the KASE coordinator


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