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Konfederacja Lewiatan

Konfederacja Lewiatan

The most influential Polish business organization, representing the interests of employers in Poland and the European Union.

Striving for competitive business conditions. It cares for sustainable economic growth, better law, healthy competition, employment growth and strengthening of social capital.


  • Adrian Zwoliński, employee of the Department of Research on East Asian Economies (College of World Economy of the Warsaw School of Economics) and Director of the Department of Financial Market and Corporate Law of the Lewiatan Confederation.

  • Przemysław Pruszyński, an experienced tax advisor who serves as the Secretary of the Tax Council in the company.

  • Andrzej Trela, Director of the Department of Development and Key Relations, fighting for better rights for Polish entrepreneurs. Privately, a lover of France and its culture. Apart from chess, he is also an amateur long-distance swimmer and squash player.


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