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Chess in the air: Spectacular finale of the 2nd season of the SGH Chess Business League!

Last weekend, an extraordinary final of the SGH Chess Business League took place, organized in the hangar of the Warsaw Aero Club. The event attracted over 150 participants from the business world, offering not only exciting chess games, but also a number of additional attractions.

Winners and distinctions

Division 1

  1. Polish Army (defending the title from the previous season)

  2. Ministry of Finance

  3. Ukrainian Business Community

Just behind the podium were the following teams: Microsoft, Flatly, the National Bank of Poland (NBP), the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Central Office of Geodesy and Cartography, JDE Coffee and the SGH Warsaw School of Economics Entrepreneurs' Club.

Division 2

  1. Mercer Poland

  2. PwC Poland

  3. InPost

The Continental team won promotion to the 1st division.

The best players

Division 1

  • Adam Adamski

  • Adam Długokęcki

  • Ron Fridman 🇺🇦

  • Olga Zajkowska

Division 2

  • Joanna Burdzy

  • Łukasz Jaszcz

  • Łukasz Wolański

  • Stepan Ivanyk, PhD.

Additional attractions

Participants could enjoy not only the chess competition, but also:

  • Grill with sausages

  • Non-alcoholic beer

  • Sightseeing flights over Warsaw (prizes for winners)

Event sponsors

The event would not take place without the support of sponsors:

  • Sharp

  • Lewiatan Confederation

  • Mokate Group

  • Warsaw School of Economics

  • Aero Club of Warsaw

Another season

The new season of the SGH Chess Business League will start in September. We invite everyone interested in participating in the competition and playing chess in unusual locations to complete the application form.


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