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Program Council of the SGH Chess Business League 

It is with great joy and pride that I would like to announce the establishment of the Program Council of the SGH Chess Business League. In response to the dynamically growing interest in the League and its rapid development, we considered it crucial to create a body that would support us in the further development of the initiative, ensuring its continuity, innovation and giving it a strategic direction.  

The members of the Program Council were carefully selected based on their experience, knowledge and passion for chess, which guarantees that the Chess Business League will continue its mission at an even higher level. We are very pleased to present the composition of the Program Council:

The first meeting of the Council took place 30/01/24 in the Senate Hall of the SGH.  

We are glad that we can count on the support of such outstanding people and we are convinced that their joint activities will help the Chess Business League reach a new level. We can already confidently say that this is an unprecedented undertaking on a European, and perhaps global scale.  

As always, SGH sets trends!

More information about the project:  

PS. Last but not least thanks to Katarzyna Bojar and Marcin Dominiak, without whom this project could not develop at such a pace!

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