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Blitz&Drinks - on April 13!

The next meeting of the Chess Business League will be special! We invite you to the unique Blitz&Drinks event, which combines passion for chess with an atmosphere full of flavor and colors! On April 13, at 4 p.m., in the iconic Opera Club, located in the picturesque basement of the National Theater, the SGH Chess Business League will open its doors to all those who want to experience chess in an unusual, more relaxed atmosphere.

During this unique afternoon, you will have the opportunity to compete in dynamic games of blitz chess that will provide unforgettable emotions and challenges. Regardless of whether you are an experienced strategist or just starting your adventure with the royal game, Blitz&Drinks is the perfect opportunity to improve your skills, meet other chess enthusiasts and make new, interesting business connections.

But it is not everything! Together with the Opera Club, we have prepared a unique offer of drinks inspired by the greatest masters of this game. The refreshing Nakamura's Blitz, the mysterious Tal's Magic Potion, the elegant Rubinstein's Refined Elegance - these are just some of the culinary masterpieces we are planning. and which will allow you to feel the character and playing style of legendary chess players. Each drink is a unique combination of flavors that will take you to the world of chess mastery and creativity.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to join our event. Blitz&Drinks is not only a chance to play exciting chess games, but also a unique way to spend an afternoon surrounded by inspiring business people who share your passion.

Join us at the Opera Club, get to know the SGH Chess Business League and immerse yourself in the world of chess in a way you have never experienced before. Regardless of whether you are looking for competition, relaxation, or just want to spend time in good company - Blitz&Drinks is an event created just for you!

Remember the date: April 13, 4:00 p.m. Place: Opera Club, basement of the National Theater. We are waiting for you! Admission for Chess Business League participants is of course free, but if you are not a member yet, apply for entry via the form at !

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