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Finale of the Fall Season 2023

We are happy to summarize the completed round of SGH Business Chess League 2023. We would like to thank  all participants: Microsoft Sharp Electronics Polska, Samsung Electronics, Bank Millenium, Polish Development Fund, Konfederacja Lewiatan, EY, Continental, JTI (Japan Tobacco International), JP Weber, Ipsos, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, Ukrainian Business Community and the Polish Army for their commitment and great competition.

Congratulations to the Polish Armed Forces for winning the OPEN category and to Microsoft for winning the CORPORATE category. Your achievements demonstrate exceptional strategic thinking and chess skills.

The SGH Business Chess League turned out to be an excellent place not only for sports competition, but also to establish valuable business relationships and exchange experiences in various sectors.

We would like to express our special thanks to our sponsors: Sharp, JP Weber and Konfederacja Lewiatan for their exceptional commitment and contribution. Your involvement not only improved the quality of our league, but also significantly enriched the experience of all participants.

We are happy to announce that many new companies have joined the next edition of the League.

The upcoming edition promises to be even better than the previous one. We can expect an online broadcast   with professional commentary, substantive business lectures and increased promotional opportunities for participating companies.

Thank you all for participating and we are looking forward to further challenges and successes in the upcoming edition of the SGH Chess Business League!


List of results of the autumn season of the SGH Chess Business League 2023:

  1. Polish Army

  2. Microsoft

  3. Flatly

  4. Ministry of Finance

  5. Ukrainian Business Community

  6. Ministry of Family and Social Policy

  7. Continental Polska tires

  8. Bank Millennium

  9. Samsung

  10. IPSOS

  11. Sharp

  12. JTI

  13. Fast Track

  14. Ministry of Education

  15. EY

  16. Lewiatan Confederation

  17. JP Weber

  18. Entrepreneurs Club

  19. SmartMeet

  20. Polish Development Fund

  21. Scanye

  22. PhD students of SGH

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