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Grand Opening of the SGH Chess Business League!

October 28, 2024

The SGH Chess Business League began with an event that will remain in our memory for a long time. The opening ceremony became an arena not only for chess champions, but also for significant figures from the world of science, business and sport.

The opening was attended by over 100 people and 22 teams played. We hosted the Rector of SGH, Professor Piotr Wachowiak, President of the Polish Chess Federation, Grandmaster_11100000-0000-0000-0000 -000000000111_Radosław Jedynak, and the Director of the Partners Club, Patrycja Dutkiewicz

We ended this special day with Simultana with Zbigniew Pakleza.

It's amazing how the SGH Chess Business League is gaining more and more popularity and attracting such a large number of participants. We would like to thank everyone who was with us and took part in this exciting chess competition.

We especially congratulate the Polish Army team, Bank Millennium_11100000-0000-0000-0000 -000000000111_ and Samsung Electronics Polska, which won the podium in this round. We also keep our fingers crossed for the other teams.

Inspiring Speeches

The event began with a speech by the Rector of SGH, Professor Piotr Wachowiak. His words emphasized the importance of strategic thinking and the competitive spirit that chess perfectly reflects. Professor Wachowiak not only expressed his pride in organizing such an event within the walls of SGH, but also emphasized how chess supports the development of analytical skills, so important in the business world. He also added that he hoped that "the SGH Chess Business League is a project for years, even decades.

Then the President of the Polish Chess Federation, Grandmaster Radosław Jedynak, spoke. His speech was a tribute to the chess tradition and its influence on character development. He also emphasized how important it is to promote chess among young talents and in the business environment.

In her speech, the Director of the Partners Club, Patrycja Dutkiewicz, focused on the aspect of cooperation and partnership. She talked about how important it is to exchange experiences between different sectors and how chess can be a platform for building these relationships.

At the end, Rafał Szarzyński, head of sales at Sharp, enriched the event with a business perspective. His speech praised strategic thinking and innovation, which are crucial in both chess and business. He emphasized how important cooperation between various industries is to achieve common success.

Continuation of the event

After the official opening, participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences, establish new contacts and, of course, continue playing chess. It was the beginning of a series of exciting meetings aimed not only at competition, but also at integrating the academic, business and chess communities.


22 teams took part in the competition. The results are available on the website chessarbiter .

Chess players play in a large room in the library
The inaugural round of the SGH Chess Business League


After the tournament part, a blitz tournament took place.

Chess players play in an elegant building
Blitz tournament at the Inauguration of SLB SGH

A chess player plays chess simultaneously w SGH
Simultaneous of Grandmaster Zbigniew Pakleza

The last attraction was simultaneous with the popular grandmaster, streamer and YouTuber Zbigniew Pakleza. Unfortunately, no one managed to beat the grandmaster, although there were two draws.

We encourage you to follow our blog, where we will report on subsequent events and share the latest information with you!


SGH Chess Business League Team

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